Threads Water Bottles, by Welly

Welly Water Bottles are amazing, that's why we chose them! Welly Bottles keep your fluids cold and hot. You are also able to do infusions and pour overs! We love Welly because they give back and are super sustainable! Here is some information about how Welly is helping our World!

Buy A Bottle, Build A Well

We collaborate with charity: water to fulfill our mission to bring clean
water to over 663 million people without it.

"We donate 3% of all sales to charity: water projects. Your contribution goes directly to sustainable water projects in developing countries.

“Every $1 invested in clean water can yield $4-$12 in economic returns. Access to clean water is perhaps the single most powerful tool for sparking economic growth.”

-Charity: water, World Health Organization, United Nations Development Programme

Welly’s first project helped provide
in the village of Mai Welay, Ethiopia

Welly Bottle combines sleek design with natural materials to offer a unique look and incredible performance.

Revel in a bamboo bottle that looks great and brings a whole lot of good. Each bottle is wrapped in real, natural bamboo. This renewable resource is not only beautiful to look at—it’s tough as nails, too.

When designing Welly Bottle, we wanted to celebrate natural materials without destroying the environment. Tapping into sustainably harvested bamboo was an easy choice.