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        Mt. Rushmore ArtSouth Dakota Threads is the first sustainable active wear line made specifically for the great state of South Dakota. It strives to keep plastic out of our oceans and landfills, instead using this plastic to produce the highest quality product on the market. South Dakota Threads is a clothing line that upholds a code of ethics, lives up to a core set of values and gives back. We make active wear for people who live mindfully and colorfully. We want to go on an adventure with you!

        Organic Active Wear: 

        South Dakota Corn ArtSouth Dakota Threads makes hand crafted sustainable active wear for enthusiastic wanderers, black hills explorers, example setting mothers and all South Dakota yogis. South Dakota Threads symbolizes a new way of doing things. Local ownership and designs, the most sustainable materials, and a production process that centers around durability.  

        Be Good Do Good:  

        South Dakota Pheasant ArtOur core values are simple. Be Good and Do Good. This motto is used for the environment, the examples we set for our youth through mindful living, and how we and our customers attack the every day challenges and adventures that come our way.  


        South Dakota Buffalo ArtHelp us make the world a better place! A portion of EVERY SALE goes into our Be Good Do Good account. On top of that we give back to environmental causes to off set our environment impact and make a positive impact on the environment and humanity. Keep and eye our for special designs that benefit the causes we care about.  

        Help Us On Our Journey:

        Share your pictures with us on our social media sites and let us enjoy the journey together. Together we can make the impact for environment and humanity. 
        South Dakota Threads Gradient Logo