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Side View of South Dakota Yoga Pants
Back View of South Dakota Yoga Pants

South Dakota Pride Yoga Pants

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Wear your South Dakota Pride in these beautiful, sustainably made yoga pants! Featuring our great states flag your going to be representing South Dakota proudly! šŸŒŽ

Size Chart

Our sizes and fit are very similar to Lulu!

Size W's Size Inseam Waist
XS 00-0 30.5" 22.5"
S 2-4 30.5" 24.5"
M 6-8 30.5" 26.5"
L 10-12 30.5" 28.5"
XL 12-14 30.5"



Our Fabrics

We use fabric made out of Recycled P.E.T. water bottles and the most sustainable practices when manufacturing our Active Wear.

Our Recycled Fabric:

  • Reduces energy consumption by 84% compared with production of new polyester raw material from petroleum.
  • Cuts CO2 emissions by 77% - equal to a stand of 228 cedar trees.
  • Saves 30 plastic bottles from the ocean or the land fill on average per pair.Ā